There are so many reasons for people to update their websites or for them to do new websites that this has made selling a website MUCH easier than it has been in recent years.  I’ll outline some of those reasons here for you to think about and hopefully use in your next sales appointment.

Right now there are many websites that don’t work at all or don’t work well on mobile devices and 55% of all web viewers are now surfing the web using some kind of mobile device (by mobile device I mean an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows phone, etc.)

When someone is first looking for a new provider FOR ANY product or service, it’s very likely that they are skimming the web using a mobile device.  Try looking at any of your client’s websites on an iPhone or android phone and you will see what I mean.  Even on an iPad (which is larger than an iPhone) – websites are very often not OK for several reasons:

  1. First they were most often not designed for use on a mobile device meaning that the buttons are very small and navigating the site is really difficult.
  2. Even sites that were reprogrammed in the last year also frequently have elements that just don’t work on the mobile environment such as FLASH headers. FLASH is an Adobe program (if you don’t know) that shows MOVING content on the Internet. FLASH elements don’t work on ANY apple based product (without jumping through some hoops & downloading separate software that makes this possible).  If a company has a FLASH website or a FLASH header, the header is completely gone when viewed in an Apple based phone.

Note:  Keep in mind that you should eventually go and look at EVERY single one of your client’s websites on your PC, your laptop, your large screen TV (if you have one!), an iPhone and an Android phone at the very least… me you WILL find something that doesn’t work on many of those sites and this will help you to sell your first WordPress website!

So, why should your customer have their site redone (or reprogrammed)?  And should they get a “WordPress” site instead of an HTML site?  (HTML is the most common language used to create websites and it is most commonly used when a client wants a 100% custom website).

We are seeing problems on sites made by many different web development companies (not just US) that were created recently (in the last year).  It’s easier to sell a new website if you can fix some of these problems for the client when we create a new website for them.  These client sites are often not working properly anywhere (on mobile phones nor on PCs) and should be updated or redone due to the following issues:

  1. Rapidly Increasing use of Mobile Phones  means sites don’t work correctlyMore than half of American adult cell phone users—55 percent—now use their phones to go online.” (up from 31% just 4 years ago). And sites that weren’t designed to be shown on a mobile phone just don’t look good or work correctly in these smaller environments.
  2. Rapidly changing BROWSERS cause functionality issues – This is critical too….just last year Internet Explorer was the #1 web browser. Most sites were created with that in mind, but now Google Chrome is #1 and there are many other browsers/players (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and that means there are sites that DO NOT work correctly on Chrome that looked fine on IE just a few months ago.
  3. Changing Browser VERSIONS cause functionality issues In the last year updated versions of all the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Fox, Chrome, etc.) have been released meaning that there are elements on most sites that don’t work or don’t look right on one browser or another or on all browsers,
  4. Monitors keep getting bigger and bigger – Most new TVS are very big (55+”) and they’re wireless or web ready” meaning that people are able to surf the web using their TVs.  Most sites that were created for standard sized web monitors are going to look really small (too small) in these environments.  ONLY A RESPONSIVE SITE CAN FIX THISA responsive site is one that expands and contracts to fit the full size of a monitor no matter how big or small it is.

wordpress-logoSo why should you have a WordPress website instead of the current HTML website?

HTML is the old standard and the newest version of HTML is great and will always be around.  But there are so many reasons to have a WordPress site.  It’s a rapidly growing programming language (with currently 72 MILLION sites use WordPress) that will give you the following benefits:

  1. Your client will be able to edit their own website’s content – once we have the site up and running they could (if they wanted to) go in and make text changes, they can’t afford to change or that costs them X dollars to change every comma or letter.  Your clients can keep their sites up to date by doing it a little at a time – it will no longer be a gargantuan, undo-able project.  Of course we will always be here to do more complex web changes and even if they want us to make simple changes (like basic text changes or photo “swaps”) they can get their changes done much faster and for less money.  .
  2. Your clients can have a responsive site – we can either program a responsive site or use a ‘responsive’ theme meaning that the site will resize automatically to fill the entire screen no matter how big or small monitors get.
  3. Clients can have a mobile ready site –make sure to encourage your clients to get a mobile ready website. There are many ways to ensure this happens – they can either have us program & create a mobile site for them from scratch, or they can use a design “theme” that’s already responsive or you can acquire & install a plug-in that will convert your new WordPress site from being non-mobile ready to being mobile-ready (your clients will need a WordPress site to be able to do this).
  4. Clients can keep their sites current – when clients can get into their web site and make changes that will mean they won’t have to pay a programmer every time they want to make one little change. AND this is important because it keeps their sites current and makes it easier to add new material on an ongoing basis – which is CRITICAL TO KEEPING THEIR SITES LISTED HIGH ON THE SEARCH ENGINES.  Not to mention I know how frustrating it is not to be able to just remove an employee name or change a product offering without having to hire a programmer.  All this will equate to better working websites that more people see and more people respond to.  That’s good for us because the more successful our clients are in advertising, the more work we can get from them.
  5. Your clients can add features & functions that were previously out of reach – with a WordPress site they’ll be able to affordably add features and functionality to their own websites…features  such as e-commerce, restricted access sites (requiring user names & passwords), online appointment setting features, webinar/event schedules/ticket sales, pop ups, live chat rooms, send and track newsletters, and many other functions that used to costs tens of thousands of dollars (and more) to program by hand.  Now these functions can be added often for FREE (or for a very low-cost by getting what’s called a plugin – many of which are free).  All they’ll have to pay for is the cost of having our programmer set up the plug-in (which can range from $100 to $1000+ which depends on the complexity of the plug in) vs. the 10’s of thousands of dollars that it used to cost to add these features.  This is because WordPress is an “Open Source” programming language meaning that people are out there programming modules or “plug ins” that will add functionality and most of the time they do this for FREE.

 Here’s one more tid bit that will be good for you to know:  your clients can have a WordPress site custom designed & programmed by hiring one of our PHP programmers (PHP is the “native language” that’s used to create WordPress websites).  Alternatively they can select a design theme or template and have one of our programmers set the site up for them (which is much less expensive).  Either way you’ll be opening up a whole new world for your client’s websites – taking it from being an old lifeless “brochure” to a current, vibrant and interactive website that’s attracting customers and moving up the search engine rankings at the same time.

Feel free to call me any time if you’d like to go over any of these materials  I am more than happy to advise you and look forward to talking with you.

Here are a few WordPress sites we’ve done recently that you may want to show you clients:

Sample sites: (sometimes we don’t always agree with the photos our clients ask us to use but we aim to please!) (this is my new WordPress site – I’m still working on it – you know the story of the cobbler’s son not having any shoes!)  (this is my personal blog)…..