The best salesperson is one that knows something about what they’re selling and about who they’re selling to.

So before you step in to make a sales pitch, take a few minutes to think about who you’re about to sell to and what you might sell to them. Of course what the client is asking for is important too…..but unlike when you sell other services, you have to think about how well that ad tactic is going to work for the client and advise them against it even if that’s what they want to buy (and that can be hard if they have their mind set on it).  In that regard I wouldn’t suggest just coming right out and saying “Oh don’t buy coupons…that sucks” but rather “I’ll get you a quote for coupons as well as a few other ideas I think you might want to consider.”

OK so let’s say a company sells janitorial services…..once I know that, my first question is always “Who’s their target market?”  And by the way who their current target market is isn’t necessarily who they SHOULD be selling to. So instead of asking my client who their target is, I might ask them “Which of your customers do you make the most money from?”  or “Which of your customers do you wish you had more of?”

If the client has no idea…and there’s a good possibility of that… may have to guess at who they can make more money with (with the client’s help of course) and also consider who the company is best equipped to sell.  So in other words, the janitorial company many not have the proper equipment to service big commercial accounts and may only be able to handle household cleaning.  A variety of factors drive who or what the target market is and then the target market drives the decisions about what items to sell to the client.

The target market determines what types of ad materials you will try to sell that particular target.

A housewife might listen to the radio or watch the weather on TV….they might read a woman’s magazine or focus on the sales section of the local newspaper..they also may thumb through those “coupon” mail outs.  Alternatively it would be hard to picture a business owner going to any of those sources to hire a janitorial company.  I think it’s safe to say that you might be able to sell that business client a website, a blog (where we can write articles of interest to different business owners/potential customers), social media services, a brochure, a pocket folder to hold the brochure and their quotes and a business package (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc), to name just a info from different sources. it’s hard not to sound like I’m stereotyping a target market but I think there are some assumptions that can be made about a market off the cuff.  If you’re not sure, do a little research online about which media focuses on what target market and so on, in order to help the client to determine where and how they should advertise. In any case as the sales person you don’t have to figure out all aspects of a client’s marketing plan but it would be nice if you could get them thinking about certain things in that first or second appointment.

It’s hard not to clump target markets together in a sort of biased way but it’s at least a place where you can start thinking about what advertising your client needs.  The way your client sells is also important – do they visit each home owner face to face or do they do all their selling via phone or the web?  It’s important to think about supporting the client’s sales efforts so it’s important to consider who sells for them, how a

Target the right market

nd most importantly what that sales person will need to be able to sell those services.  Do they need a PowerPoint presentation and an I Pad to use at the point of sale?  Do they need a “leave behind” to give to the customer after the first sales visit?  Do they need an “ad promo item” such as a note pad or pen to keep the customer in the top of their minds?

In my business I often go to those first meetings…..listen to what the client has to say (and what they’re asking for) and then suggest to them that I create a quote for them.  Then I might ask if they mind if I make a few other recommendations for things I think they might want to consider.  I try to let them know that I am the expert at picking media or figuring out ad tactics….so if you have a chance let them know you have someone that can handle that type of stuff for them.

To conclude you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself….it’s important to have a few ideas in your arsenal and ready to refer to, in your sales appointment, but figuring out what types of ad tactics the client should use can ultimately be left to the marketing and advertising professionals that you’re selling for.   Communicate with them…..ask them for input.  Discuss the clients you’re going after before your appointment and you’ll get better results in the end.meone like that who will help you make the best recommendations to them.