ADDY-GoldLogo-SmallThe Marketing Department is a different kind of advertising company.  Unlike your typical “ad agency,” we’re a group of highly experienced advertising, marketing and PR experts with specialized skills we gained working “in house” for successful, start-up & entrepreneurial type companies.

We’ve been just where you’re at – managing budgets, personnel & projects for one company at a time…devoting our whole selves to the success of the business.   We bring that same devotion to every job we do.

No one here has less than 15 years experience and many of us have 25 years or more in the business.  When you hire us, only top level pros will work with you and manage your account.  We only work with a handful of new clients each year, so you’ll be at the center of our attention and the work we do for you will be a cut above.  When we started this business, we combined several companies, each leaders in their own right, excelling at web & social media marketing, traditional advertising strategy & services plus interactive PR.  Today we’re an Addy award winning outsourced ad services company that delivers better results plus the highest ROI, guaranteed.  Let’s get together in person or on the phone to see if we’re a fit; contact us today at or give us a ring at 832-732-5063 for a complimentary branding consultation.